Former Winners of the International Berlin Junior Championships

More than 50 Years of International Junior Tennis at the „Rot-Weiss“

For generations of tennis players world-wide, during the complete post-war period since1950, the name LTTC „Rot-Weiss“ has always had a special ring to it. For many, it was the place where they took their first tentative steps in international tennis. Some of them celebrated their first success on these grounds, others gained initial experience for their later triumphs. The International Junior Championships of Berlin always were and still are an integral part of the „Junior World Ranking Calendar“ of the International Tennis Federation and are one of the most popular events world-wide on the Junior Tour. In 2009 the tournament was able to celebrate its 50th anniversary, a singular achievement in European Junior Tennis.

Belonging to the (later) most prominent winners among the girls were Almut Sturm (1959), Katrin Pohmann (1973), Eva Pfaff (1976), Barbara Paulus (1988) and Anke Huber (1989).   The list of the junior boy winners is even more impressive: With Wolfgang Stuck, Hajo Ploetz, Wilhelm Bungert, Harald Elschenbroich, Hans-Juergen Pohmann, Karl Meiler, Uli Pinner, Peter Elter, Klaus Eberhard, Wolfgang Popp, Patrick Kuehnen and Boris Becker (1983, two years before his Wimbledon triumph), many of the best German juniors of their time added their names to the winners’ list. Among the international stars were winners Yannik Noah (1976), Bjoern Borg (1969 to 1971) und Pat Cash (1980). But there were many participants who did not appear in the winners’ list but made their international breakthrough at a later date, for example Mats Wilander, Stefan Edberg, Steffi Graf und Claudia Kohde. With so many prominent names it is worth to take a closer look at the history of the junior tournaments at the „Rot-Weiss“.


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Boys Singles (18 and under)

Dr. Hermann-Auert-Trophy

1950    Wolfgang Ehrich
1951    Otto Reiter
1952    Manfred Bohnen
1953    Horst Ehmann
1954    Günter Reimann
1955    Wolfgang Stuck
1956    Dieter Ecklebe
1957    Wilhelm Bungert
1958    Peter Bastian
1959    Harald Elschenbroich
1960    Detlev Stuck

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Girls Singles (18 and under)


1950    Erika Gaertner
1951    Ursula Gaertner
1952    Margot Dittmeyer
1953    Ingrid Rose
1954    Karin Warnke
1955    Brigitte Foerstendorf
1956    Lilli Kristine Engdahl (Schweden)
1957    Karin Herich
1958    Marilen Knobeling
1959    Almut Sturm
1960    Cornelia Scheibner

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Boys Singles (16 and under)


1969    Björn Borg (Schweden)
1970    Björn Borg (Schweden)
1971    Björn Borg (Schweden)
1972    Peter Kandarr (Österreich)
1973    Klaus Eberhard
1974    Peter Elter
1975    Wolfgang Popp
1976*    Yannik Noah (Frankreich)
1977    Frederik Gradin (Schweden)
1978**    Dieter Jöhle
1979    Thomas Högstedt (Schweden)
1980**    Patrick Cash (Australien)
1992*    David Skoch (CSSR)

* European Championship   ** International German Championships

Girls Singles (16 and under)


1969    Jutta Reiz
1970    Mima Jausovec (Jugoslawien)
1971    Helle Sparre (Dänemark)
1972    Annina von Planta (Schweiz)
1973    Lotte Sternberg (Schweden)
1974    Petra Delhees (Schweiz)
1975    Eva Pfaff
1976*    Eva Pfaff
1977    Eva Pfaff
1978**    Kerstin Haas
1979    Claudia Pasquale (Schweiz)
1980**    Sharon Hodgkin (Australien)
1992*    Andrea Glass

* European Championship   ** International German Championships

Draws & Results

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